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Kitei Nidan Higashiyama Sensei

a complete documeentation  of kata Kitei and Kitei Nidan Higashiyama Sensei.

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Fudokan Rules and Regulations




Fudokan Codex




Traditionelles Fudokan Karate – Mein Weg

Grundlegende psychologische und physikalische Prinzipien des Karate

von Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga 10. Dan, Soke, Herausgeber Karl-Hans König

Einband: Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag

Format: 220 × 170 mm, 236 Seiten, farbig

ISBN 978-3-8482-0452-6

€ 29,90 

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Traditional Fudokan Karate - My Way

The fundamental psychological and physical principles of Karate

by Univ. Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga MD. PhD., 10th Dan, Soke, Publisher: Karl-Hans König

Single volume: hard cover edition with protective jacket

Format: 220 × 170 mm,  236 pages, color

ISBN 9783743127760

€ 29.90 

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Karate Traditional Fudokan - Calea Mea 

Romanian language





Traditional Fudokan Karate  - Moj Put 

Serbian language




Traditionelles Fudokan Karate 

Deutsch old




Guardians of Fudokan




Tamashewari Fudokan Karate 




Historical books

I.Jorga, V.Jorga, P.Djuric Program for acquisi on of student titles Belgrade 1966
I.Jorga, V.Jorga, P.Djuric Karate - Introduction of a fighting art Belgrade 1968 Sports Book
I. Jorga, V. Jorga, P. Djuric Karate in Yugoslavia - Special booklet on the occasion of the First World Karate Do Championship in Tokyo, 1970 1970
I. Jorga, V.Jorga, P. Djuric Heian- Shodan Kata Belgrade 1973 Sports Book
I. Jorga, V.Jorga P. Djuric International Karate rules, Judging and fighting Belgrade, 1973, Sports Book
I. Jorga, V.Jorga P. Djuric Nunchaku and karate, Fighting arts of Okinawa Belgrade 1975
I.Jorga,V.Jorga, P. Djuric Tekki and Enpi Katas Belgrade 1976 1978,1980,1984
I. Jorga,V.Jorga P. Djuric Nunchaku and karate, the art of nunchaku fighting based on karate elements Belgrade 1981 Sports Book
I.Jorga, V.Jorga P.Djuric The rules of sports karate fighting Belgrade 1981 Sports Book
I. Jorga, V. Jorga, P. Djuric Master karate Katas, Bassai, Kanku Dai, Jion Belgrade
I. Jorga, V. Jorga, P. Djuric Karate Master Katas Hangetsu, Gankaku, Nidju-Shiho,Unsu Belgrade, 1986, Sports Book
I.Jorga Fudokan Karate do fighting art Belgrade 1991
I.Jorga, V.Jorga Makiwara, the traditional Fudokan Karate coachs manual (basic techniques) of power, principles of application, first aid Belgrade 1992
I.Jorga Fudokan Karate Berlin 1994
I.Jorga Fudokan ABC Belgrade-Berlin 1994
I.Jorga, V.Jorga, V.Lustic First aid in sports Belgrade 1997
I.Jorga, V.Jorga Karate training and nutrition Belgrade 1998
I.Jorga, M.Djuric Karate traumatology, injuries, prevention and treatment Belgrade, Moscow, Berlin
I.Jorga Fudokan traditional Karate: My path (psycho-physical principales) Belgrade, Moscow, Berlin
I.Jorga Childrem Karate champions: Principales of the psychology of the children Belgrade
I.Jorga Traditional Fudokan Karate- My way, second edition printed in Russian, Albanian, Serbian, Romanian, Italian and English Belgrade, Fudo press International 2007
I.Jorga Fudokan Masters Kata, Kaminari KAMI NARI, Belgrade Belgrade, Fudo press International, 2007
I.Jorga Budo and Fudokan, sensei Nishiyama and Budo tsumeai Fudo press International 2007
I.Jorga and associates World Traditional Karate do Encyklopedia  
 I.Jorga Guardians of Fudokan Belgrade 2012
 I.Jorga, V.Jorga International Fudokan Karate Rules BGD Fudokan Press 2012
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